68.127 m²
office space

Short distances
within the building

Superb tenant mix

Large areas of
contiguous space

Flexible subdivision
of space

State-of-the-art fit-out

New façade
in 2017

Helios is not just an office

In Helios you not only appreciate the excellent transport links of the house, but also the offer of shared facilities such as restaurant and conference facilities.

Building with brilliance

Helios comprises a tower and five building wings of various lengths, which are connected by a central core zone. The centrepiece is the free-standing 13-storey tower with a diameter of around 30 m. The wings are between around 90 m and 190 m in length, and the building depth of the wings and the semi-circular core zone is approx. 18 m. The courtyards between the five wings give the offices an uninterrupted view of the surrounding area. The building sections are interconnected below ground level.

Offices in Luxembourg

Helios stands for state-of-the-art office architecture. The floor layout is set out like the sun, with a semicircle of building wings radiating from the core zone. The sheer size of more than 68,000 m² office space emphasises the dimensions of the office complex. Reknowned international tenants appreciate the flexibility of the property.

Helios is international working

The Helios office building is located at the heart of Europe in all senses of the word. Luxembourg is the headquarters of many EU institutions, and the European Commission is one of the high profile tenants in the property. But Luxembourg is also an attractive location for companies originating from outside the EU. Its superb infrastructure, international flair and favourable location make it possible to recruit the most talented staff here. The multilingual capability of the local population and the many expats mean that new arrivals quickly feel right at home. Many soon discover they have more in common with their “foreign” colleagues than they thought. It’s an ideal location for international business.